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Stephanie Montgomery -- Sharrah Shuler
Jake McQuade
-- James Hoffpauir
Albert's Production Assistant -- Terrah Cathey
Albert's Business Partner -- Linda Chandler
Albert -- James Zander
Danny Boy (CRL Ranch Horse) -- Horseself
Becca (CRL Ranch Horse) -- Herself!

Stephanie's Paparazzi Flashback Scene:
III Forks General Manager/Chef -- Chris Vogelli
Limo Driver -- Jimmie Badgett
Stephanie's Escorts -- Garry Shuler

Barry Shuler
Paparazzi! -- Charlotte Badgett
Rick Ceron
Stephanie Ceron
Sally Hansen
Hank Haynes
John Nordhoff
BunkHouse Kafe Owner/Waitress -- Lois Witt
Bunkhouse "Local Romeo" -- J. Michael Shuler
Jake's Long-Time Friend -- Janie Hoffpauir
Jake's Buddy -- Traven Tucker
Jake's Autograph Seeker -- Andy Kane
Jake's Buddy -- Jim Witt
Stephanie's Fan -- Danny Miller
TV Security Guard -- Zak Kickirillo
Silvia's TV Production Assistant -- Margarita Bennett
Stephanie's TV Bodyguard "Bill" -- Dan Witman
Crossroads Live!/Host -- Silvia Harra
The Texas Girls -- Shirley Hayes
Carla Shockey
Shana Scoggins
and Doug Shockey
"Hero In The Rain" TV Video -- Billy Jack Davis
Shirley Hayes

Stephanie's TV Autograph Session -- Carol Gurnee
Norman Gurnee
Rudy Kurtz
Bill Vilbig

The Ricky Lynn Gregg Band
Vocals/Guitar -- Ricky Lynn Gregg
Piano/Fiddle/Vocals -- Karrie Lee
Drums -- Lee Thomas
Bass/Vocals -- Todd Sassano

Band Announcer/Bodyguard -- Mike Raines
Red River Waitress -- Nikki Renwick

The Gary Kyle Band
Vocals/Guitar -- Gary Kyle
Lead Guitar -- Jeremy Emmert
Bass Guitar -- Paul Molnoski
Fiddle -- Jason Erwin
Drums -- David Parks

Silvia's Dance Partner -- Mike Raines
Sharing with Sharrah/TV Co-Host -- Doug Luke
Bad Boy Biker Dude Bubba -- David Holly
Red River Bouncer -- Steve Patten
Limo Driver -- M&M

Producers -- James Hoffpauir
Sharrah Shuler
Margarita Bennett


Director/Editor -- Margarita Bennett
Assistant Director -- James Hoffpauir
Casting -- Cricket Smiley
James Powers
Finishing Technical Advisors -- Ace Bowen
John Cantrell
Sally Hansen
SJ Matthews
Post-Production Audio Mastering -- Ace Bowen
Finishing Lighting, Color & Graphics -- John Cantrell
Bloopers & Stills -- Sharrah Shuler
Sally Hansen
Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe -- Sha Sha!
Cameras -- Tim Bennett
Randy Davis
Charles Faulkner
Sally Hansen
Hank Haynes
Mike Hunter
Rudy Kurtz
David Lewis
Danny Miller
Johnny Murphy
Bill Simpson
Win Simpson
Bill Vilbig
Script Supervisor -- Debbie Mason

Paparazzi Flashback Scene
Audio -- Traven Tucker
Cameras -- Margarita Bennett
Sally Hansen
Crossroads Live! TV Show Interview
Film Audio -- Charles Faulkner
Sally Hansen
Film Cameras -- Margarita Bennett
Charles Faulkner
Sally Hansen
TV Studio Director -- David Clements
TV Audio -- Hank Haynes
TV VTR -- Randy Davis
TV Cameras -- Rudy Kurtz
David Lewis
Bill Vilbig
Red River Celebration Scene
Film Audio -- Tim Bennett
Film Cameras -- Tim Bennett
Charles Faulkner
Sally Hansen
Production Truck Director -- Randy Davis
Production Truck Audio -- Johnny Murphy
Production Truck Cameras -- Johnny Murphy
Bill Simpson
Win Simpson
Production Truck Facilitator -- David Zepeda
Production Assist -- Johnny Murphy


Techno Dreams
Composed by Philip Kappaz

Victoria’s Secret
(Ricky Lynn Gregg, Don Sampson)
Hoosier Hills Publishing (BMI)/Copyright 2001 Milene Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

A Cowboy Through And Through
Written by Billy Jack Davis, James Hoffpauir
Produced by Mike McClain/McClain’s Recording (Texas)

Here In This World
Written and Produced by Izak & West (BMI)
Distributed by Electric Kingdom/Synergy Distribution
Copyright 2003 Baby Doe Music/All Rights Reserved

Family And Friends
Music and Lyrics by Gary Kyle
Produced by Johnny Marshall/Copyright 2005 ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

This Cowboy’s In Love With You
Vocals, Music & Lyrics by James Hoffpauir
Guitar: Gary Kyle

Revival Song
The Texas Girls/Shirley Hayes Pub. BMI/Copyright 2002
All Rights Reserved

Hero In The Rain
Leon Coleman/Austin Taylor Pub. BMI

We’re Only Here For A Little While
Wayland Hollyfield. Richard Leigh
EMI April Music/Lion Hearted Music (ASCAP)

Let The Guitar Do The Talkin’
(Craig Wiseman, Kelly Garrett)
Copyright Almo Music Corp./BMG Music, Inc. (ASCAP) and Copyright 1995 Sony/ATV Songs LLC dba Tree Publishing Co. (BMI)

Careful What You Wish For
(Mark D. Sanders, Chris Nichols, Chris Farren)
Copyright 2001 WB Music Corp./Universal-MCA Music Publishing, a division of Universal Studios, Inc. (ASCAP)/EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./Ty Land Music (BMI)/Music Of Windswept/In The Fairway Music (ASCAP

Music and Lyrics by Gary Kyle
Produced by Johnny Marshall/Copyright 2005 ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

(Nettie Musick, Chris Faulk)
Copyright 2001 Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. (BMI)/Pelican Vibe Music Administered by Moon & Musky Music (BMI)

Music and Lyrics by Gary Kyle
Produced by Johnny Marshall/Copyright 2005 ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

Music by Gary Kyle
Produced by Johnny Marshall/Copyright 2005 ASCAP
All Rights Reserved


American Cowboy Magazine
Sheridan Wyoming
“Gene Would Approve” by Jesse Mullins, Jr., Editor

Big Country Limousines
Dallas, Texas
Jimmie & Charlotte Badgett, Owners

Bridal Dreams
Fort Worth. Texas
Handsome Tuxedos for Stephanie’s Handsome Escorts!

BunkHouse Kafe’
Little Elm, Texas
Jim & Lois Witt, Owners

Cowboy’s Red River
Dallas, Texas
Mike Murphy, Bobby Smith, Larry Robinson

CRL Ranch
Denton, Texas

Dallas, Texas
Staff & Members
Cameras! Cameras! Cameras!
Edit Suites! Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

Flags Unlimited, Inc.
Tampa, FL
California Flag

Henry Fok
Dallas, Texas
Stephanie’s California Car Tags

La Luna Entertainment
Dallas, Texas
Stephanie’s Film Clip
“The Deadbeat Club”
Written & Directed by: Israel Luna

Landau’s Jewelry
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Stephanie’s Gorgeous Paparazzi Jewelry & Purse!

Pirate’s Cove Restaurant & Club
Little Elm, Texas
Great Southern Hospitality!

The Studio ACE
CD Mastering & Forensic Audio
Dallas, Texas
Ace Bowen
Finishing Post-Production Audio

Texas Information Center
Texas/Oklahoma Border

The Little Elm Star Journal
Little Elm, Texas
Film Production Rolls into Town
BunkHouse Kafé Provides Backdrop for Movie
Contributing Writer: Jim Manning

The Zander Ranch
Desoto, Texas
James Zander, Owner

III Forks
Dallas, Texas
Gene Street, Owner

Traven Tucker Recording Studios
Dallas, Texas

U-Edit Video
Richardson, Texas
Owen Benatar & John Cantrell
Finishing Post-Production

A VERY SPECIAL thanks to all of the background talent, waitresses, patrons, fans, and friends that helped us make Stephanie’s “celebration scene” at Cowboy’s Red River a true celebration! You can really dance... even without music!!!

Also… A VERY SPECIAL thanks to Cowboy’s Red River Security for hauling “Bad Boy Biker Dude Bubba” away so Stephanie & Jake could have at least one blissful dance!

Thank You family and friends for all of your love, support, and patience!!!

Follow your heart…dreams DO come true!